“A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

William Shakespeare

Investment Strategy Solutions

  • BlueLake Investment Strategy Solutions (BISS) is a research-driven, macro-focused global asset allocation strategy service for qualified individuals, family offices and institutional investors.
  • BISS leverages on our proprietary research intelligence to produce a select range of dynamic and diverse asset allocation models from a global opportunity set of traditional and alternative asset classes and strategies, the weighted composition of which aims to match an investor’s given risk tolerance, performance target and lifecycle portfolio goals.
  • The BISS asset allocation research methodology views the world in three analytical (and one temporal) dimensions:
    • Tactical (short-term dislocations) driven mainly by technical factors.
    • Cyclical (medium-term asymmetries) driven by liquidity, fundamentals, valuation and momentum.
    • Strategic (long-term trends) driven by macro implications.
  • The weight of each asset class within a selected asset allocation model fluctuates around its neutral or benchmark value, within a pre-determined (min and max) range which is defined by our market research indicators and which reflect the ever-evolving market conditions. The frequency of this re-balancing is determined by the emerging conditions in the market and the selected type of asset allocation model.
  • This dynamic asset allocation research approach seeks to protect the investor’s purchasing power and generate inflation- and risk-adjusted returns through a full market cycle (understanding that the majority of portfolio returns are generated through asset allocation). Apart from capital growth, certain asset allocation models also focus on income generation, especially when it concerns foundations and or family trusts.

BISS is a macro research and investment strategy solution, which takes into account an investor's investment objectives and suitable investment universe. The service delivers a concise and actionable research view and flags up key risks for an investor's current and forward-looking investment strategy. It does not constitute investment advice per-se or an offer and/or sollicitation to buy or sell.