“Decision makers... will make better choices when they trust their critics to be sophisticated and fair, and when they expect their decision to be judged by how it was made, not only by how it turned out.”

Daniel Kahneman


Our primary objective is the incremental risk-adjusted appreciation of investment capital through time, being highly aware of the importance of capital preservation, via long-term strategic and shorter-term tactical asset allocation, implemented within a disciplined risk management framework.

We provide customized global multi-asset investment solutions that address the broader as well as the specific risks embedded within a wealthy individual's or family's ever-changing financial circumstances, aiming to match our views with our clients' uniquely complex financial goals.

We could be characterised as Discretionary Macro investment strategists. We explore interdependencies across markets and asset classes. Our aim is not to make forecasts but to maintain research-intensive asset exposures weighted by their respective probabilities of occurring.

We map out market forces based on a set of specific variables and key indicators and identify discrepancies and dislocations regardless of the underlying exposure. We look for asymmetries and formulate our recommendations with conviction on a risk to reward basis, always within a balance of probabilities framework.

The importance of viewing a client's financial and non-financial asset base as an interconnected ecosystem, the constituents of which are correlated and actively influence each other variably over time, is at the core of our approach. We apply specialist knowledge to create a solutions-based platform for individuals or families wishing to engage in a long-term wealth preservation and value creation process.

Our team can take responsibility of entire mandates, where a client does not have to involve external providers, or one may wish us to work constructively either with in-house experts or external providers to consolidate, rationalize or coordinate existing processes.